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Quick License Overview

Here is a quick overview of what you CAN and CANNOT do with maps and icons from Free Vector Maps. Please read the License Agreements for complete details.

Usage Free Paid
Use the maps for personal use
Use the maps for commercial use
Use the maps in scientific or medical journals
Use the maps in classrooms and student homework
Use the maps without attribution
Use the maps for resale products, i.e. on Zazzle or Cafe Press
Use derivative artwork created with the maps for microstock, i.e. Shutterstock
Use the maps in a logo
Use the maps for unlimited copies or prints
Use the maps worldwide and in perpetuity

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way for me to provide attribution for free maps?
Providing a note and link on your website or credits page, such as "Maps by FreeVectorMaps.com", plus a link back to https://freevectormaps.com, is the preferred form of attribution
Why Ads?
Ads help keep Free Vector Maps up and running. Read more
How can I help support Free Vector Maps and keep the maps free?
If you've ever found the maps useful for your work or personal use, a small donation shows a lot of appreciation! Donate with PayPal or donate with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Address: 197jmYBegPXKnEN2DrzcsLxQzinmCrtGMM
I can't edit the maps, what's the deal?
To edit the maps, you will need a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator® and ensure that all layers are unlocked. You can unlock layers via the layers palette or by clicking on the "lock" icon. Sorry, maps do not come in PSD format.
Can I use maps for commercial projects?
Maps from Free Vector Maps may be used in commercial works as long as the proper attribution requirements are followed. Any map from this site must provide the appropriate attribution unless a royalty free license was purchased to waive the attribution requirement.
What exactly can I do with the maps?
Use them in designs, websites, apps and more! If you have any questions regarding the usage of the maps, check out the License Agreement.

You CANNOT USE FREE MAPS at places like Cafe Press, Zazzle or any print on demand service or for Resale or Microstock. If you'd like to use the maps for these purposes, please purchase the maps.
What's the difference between Commercial Use and Items for Resale?
The largest difference in items for Resale is the map creates the substantial value of the product.

For example: if you print a book about maps and use maps throughout the book, the maps make up the value of the book and therefore it is considered an item for Resale. However, if you use maps to designate the sub-section in the book, or to illustrate an infographic, that is considered Commercial Use. In both cases, the book can be available for sale, the biggest determining factor is what is contributing most to its value.

Another example: if you download a map and use it on the front of a t-shirt, that maps is contributing to the success of selling your t-shirt and is therefore considered an item for Resale. But if you use the map on the tag to mark that it's from France, that is considered Commercial Use.
Why do you charge for maps?
Sometimes an attribution is not possible and a traditional royalty free license is necessary. Also, some maps require quite a bit of effort and thus are priced at a "premium" of $15 USD. You'd be hard pressed to find better premium royalty free maps at a better price!
What naming convention do you use for the file?
Free Vector Maps files use the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes are two-letter country codes. So, if you have downloaded a file of Christmas Island, your file will have a "CX" in the name. Learn more from Wikipedia.
Brilliant Maps, where'd you get the data?
All data used on this site is from Natural Earth and other public domain data sources. Natural Earth is a public domain world-wide dataset available from http://naturalearthdata.com. It is designed to be consistent with itself across themes and appropriate at scales down to 1:10 million.
The maps look great, are they traces?
All maps are NOT traced. They are rendered using GIS data, with proper GIS software and cleaned up to high stock vector standards using Adobe Illustrator®. The maps are layered to perfection, giving designers the flexibility to pick and choose which layers they want and the ease to quickly customise them to their liking. View features
How accurate are the maps?
Free Vector Maps makes no claims as to the completeness, accuracy or content of the maps or data, and makes no representation of any kind, including, but not limited to, any warranty as to the accuracy or fitness of the maps or data for a particular use (nor shall the act of distribution constitute any such warranty). Whilst we make every attempt possible to provide the most accurate up-to-date maps, it must be emphasised that we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Let's just say I wouldn't use them as driving instructions! If Apple can't get that down right, what chance would we stand?
I purchased a Bundle, can I download and use new maps created for that bundle as they become available?
Yes! I am working as fast as I can to get all maps available for each region of the world, but realise you may need to purchase a bundle now for current projects. Not to mention that every now and then a new country is created. South Sudan came into existence in 2011. As I create new maps, they are automatically added to future bundles and can be downloaded and used with the Bundle License you previously purchased for that region(s) and map type (basic or standard). When in doubt, send an email.
Which file formats are provided?
Each map comes in 5 file formats. Adobe Illustrator®. CS3, EPS 9, PDF, PNG (300 ppi) and JPG (300 dpi).
What's your Refund Policy?
No refund will be offered for products once sold. Since these are digital files, all maps and assets are not refundable or exchangeable. However, files can be replaced if damaged or lost. Simply send us an email.
Which fonts do you use in the maps?
I use the Roboto Family of fonts by Christian Robertson for its clean and legible glyphs. You can download them for free at Font Squirrel.
Is there an icon font of Free Vector Maps?
Yes! I have just launched a new CSS Map Font called Map Glyphs. Please do have a look!
Have you really been to every continent?
Yeap! Me and the missus stepped foot on Antarctica back in 2002 to get to them all.
City Maps provided by OpenVectorMaps.com
Free city maps are for personal use only. Please provide attribution to OpenVectorMaps.com. For commercial use in any way you must pay for a Commercial Use license. City maps are provided via OpenVectorMaps.com and all inquireis should be sent directly to the site. FreeVectorMaps.com (Striped Candy LLC) is only a reseller of city maps from OpenVectorMaps.com and cannot guarantee, or be held liable for the accuracy or any technical issues with these maps. If you have purchased any city maps on this website (FreeVectorMaps.com), we will be able to help you with your purchase, but cannot issue refunds, only replace damaged / corrupted files.